What Makes a Great SEO Agency

Aleksandra Darwazeh

May 21, 2022

Regardless of your SEO requirements, you will find dozens, if not hundreds, of SEO agencies competing for your business. Each offers a range of services to help you achieve various business goals. So, what characterizes a competent SEO company, aside from the services it provides.

There are certain features that distinguish professional SEO firms. In this blog, we would like to expand on the characteristics of the best SEO companies so that you can shortlist the one that is most suitable for your business.

A Step-by-Step Procedure for Putting SEO Strategies into Action

Top-notch SEO implementation is based on a tried-and-true process. As an SEO agency gains experience working with various clients, the team outlines its winning process to give potential customers a glimpse into how results are delivered. Consequently, each company with a hands-on SEO experience has its own procedures. It is a distinguishing feature of SEO companies with a track record of success.

A Diverse Team of SEO Experts

When looking to hire an expert SEO agency, the next aspect that deserves your attention is its team of SEO professionals. Search engine optimization requires a great deal of thought. Therefore, the company’s experts are expected to be competent in different SEO areas to research and analyze trends, form and execute strategies, manage accounts, and follow best practices in the industry.

The three primary domains in website optimization include on-page SEO, i.e., optimizing the site’s content, technical SEO, i.e., optimizing its code, and off-page SEO, i.e., optimizing the company’s online presence through social media and other digital marketing channels. Such a complex framework demands a comprehensive approach, which various specialists effectively accommodate. Hence, depending on your business goals, the team that will work with you may include a range of SEO experts.

Crisp Corporate Culture

Strange as it sounds, unique SEO expertise is not always a decisive factor in choosing an SEO company. The company’s culture is not less, at times, even more consequential than the competencies: you wouldn’t want to work with people that don’t share your values. The truth is that renowned SEO companies don’t work with toxic clients either. Cultural compatibility is crucial for SEO success, as indeed for success in any matter, because it is the foundation of effective cooperation. To ensure a strong foundation is built from the start, top SEO agencies make their company culture visible, allowing potential clients to determine whether or not working with them aligns with their culture.

An Impressive Client Portfolio

From conception to implementation, results-oriented SEO strategies are challenging to manage. They require time and commitment. Hence, the best SEO agencies take special care to demonstrate their accomplishments by presenting their customers and the outcomes achieved while working with them. Displaying a portfolio serves two objectives. It speaks for the company’s experience in search engine optimization. Also, it assists you with decision-making when selecting a company and determining its benchmark by the type of its clients.

Is SEO KUWAIT a Great Agency?

Our team answers some of the most common questions in this blog to help you understand who we are and what we strive to be as an agency, so you can decide whether SEO KUWAIT is the right SEO partner for your business aspirations.

Give us a brief overview of SEO KUWAIT and your SEO services.

SEO KUWAIT is a division of BRANDERS PRO.

BRANDERS PRO is a customer-oriented web design & development agency specializing in branding and digital marketing solutions. We approach every case with a comprehensive scope of services, from web design to branding to digital marketing. We deliver only custom-built, case-specific solutions for brands & businesses. Our core capabilities are Web & App Design, Web & App Development, Branding, Digital Marketing & SEO, as well as Consulting.

SEO KUWAIT agency focuses primarily on providing organic digital marketing services while also organizing paid marketing campaigns. Driven by the success of our clients, our team of experts develops quality, case-specific growth strategies that move websites from positions to authority with the help of search engine optimization. We deliver results only through proven frameworks to enhance the company’s web presence and brand recognition. Additionally, we provide search engine marketing, social media marketing, and social media management services depending on the client’s requirements.

Our primary market is the Middle East, in particular Kuwait. However, we welcome cooperation with businesses of all kinds worldwide.

What makes you stand out above your competitors?

Most marketing companies in our region overpromise deliverables while underdelivering outcomes. SEO KUWAIT is on a mission to re-establish faith in a marketing partner by prioritizing the clients’ needs before the bottom line. We’re not a typical online marketing agency but the one that ensures clients’ marketing ambitions come to fruition. The success of our clients is what matters to our agency. It drives all of our efforts and enables us to guarantee results.

Do you have any flagship products or services you would like to highlight?

Our flagship service is search engine optimization: on-page, technical, and off-page. As BRANDERS PRO comprehensively approaches web presence, so does SEO KUWAIT wholesomely handle digital marketing, especially SEO, with a complete set of services and tactics, content, website, & social media-wise.

Additionally, we offer various packages, like SEO Kickstart, Essential, Enterprise, or Corporate Plan, to accommodate different business sizes & their needs.

How does this service differ from others on the market?

We implement only Google compliant techniques, adhering to the highest standards of proper optimization, with no automation tools involved, to ensure solid, long-lasting results for our clients. We personalize and fine-tune the search game, making it about social, mobile & local.

While focusing on the ranking, we also make sure to convert it into revenue. Moreover, we’re with our clients every step of their SEO journey, always informing them about what is being worked on and updating them on each and every detail of our performance and their digital wins.

Thorough niche research and client website assessment help us discover the relevant intel to produce the best results. We don’t look to make a website a niche leader but the top website for the locations & searches most relevant for the business by utilizing in-depth, contextual content, geo-targeting, and user intent & experience.

What is it that makes SEO KUWAIT stand out above your competitors?

We’ve spent a considerable amount of time honing our SEO services to the point where they deliver incredibly measurable and predictable outcomes. Our professional services are tailored to ensure website authority growth, drive conversion, and fill a marketing funnel efficiently.

Every one of our SEO services is customized to the client’s objectives. We start with a discussion about the necessary metrics for their business and then do all we can to make sure we’re on track to meet those.

There’s not “just another client” to us. We genuinely care about our clients’ success and take pleasure in offering excellent communication, flexibility, and honesty because we want our clients to see us as their reliable partners.

Teaming up with an SEO Agency

Choosing an SEO company is just the beginning of the journey. Another part of it is preparing the working environment conducive to effective collaboration. Yes, collaboration because the agency you hire works as an extension of your in-house marketing team. Thus, there are specific steps you need to take to ensure a successful outcome.

Get Your In-House Team Ready

Before hiring an SEO firm, make sure all of your company's relevant teams are on the same page: explain to your employees why it is necessary to engage SEO experts and how working with them will benefit the business. Then, select those who will cooperate directly with the SEO agency to bridge the communication gap and achieve the desired results. Such an arrangement helps SEO specialists stay updated on your company's culture, collaboration goals, expectations, and deadlines.

Explain Your Business Objectives

No two business cases are alike. What works for other companies may not work for you. Taking the time to share all there is to know about your business SEO-wise with the agency of your choice is crucial for developing a custom strategy or plan tailored to your objectives. An SEO agency may assist in ranking higher in search results for desired keywords, boosting website traffic, increasing sales, or all three. Whichever is your goal, your company's journey toward it will be unique. So, the better your SEO partner is informed, the more successful you'll be with search engine optimization.

Expect Research Results and Recommendations

Keep an eye out for what your SEO agency does next once you've shared your company's status, objectives, and goals. The next step of a top SEO agency will be to conduct research drawing on the information you provided to put your business in context. Website audit and market analysis align the SEO team with your company's mission, target audience, business goals, and competitors. Thus, after your initial discussion with the agency, what should happen next is that you receive recommendations of what needs to be done to get maximum results. So, if you get a quote or an invoice instead, you might want to reconsider your choice of an SEO firm.

Get a Contract with Deliverables

Suppose, at this stage, the SEO agency you’ve chosen seems like a good fit to you. In that case, its team will send you a contract with deliverables summing up all the previous meetings and conversations. Make sure to distribute this contract among the relevant employees of your company, especially those coordinating with the SEO firm. Do not neglect scrutiny of its terms & conditions and make certain your legal department receives it as well to avoid entering an agreement that may harm or bind your business in the future.

Start Your SEO Project

An SEO firm will need access to some of your digital assets to start working on your SEO project. Depending on the scope of work, such access can include website and blog passwords, analytics tool logins, and the like. The scope of your project, delivery timelines, ways of communication, and management are all determined and conveyed during the onboarding process. SEO companies typically walk their clients through a rigorous onboarding process to kickstart a working relationship. So, you should definitely anticipate one. It is one of the features of a great SEO agency, which marks off a good start and promises not less than good results.

Hopefully, this information will give you the confidence to start your SEO endeavor, provided you’re new to website optimization. Should you decide to collaborate with us, SEO KUWAIT will ensure your SEO journey is as pleasant as it is productive.

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